Education in Bihar from Non-resident's eye

When it comes to bad news from Bihar, we often see big-size photo in print media as well as repeated biased breaking news in electronic media. Even these news trades have not forgiven helpless Bihari students. They never bothered to highlight the systemic issues where various stakeholders are to be blamed. And moreover focus should be taking corrective measures. Ideally media should also try to present positive solution and not just biased breaking news.

All of us coming from the state have faced absurd jokes and fun about our motherland.

Whenever we visit our state we make a point to see something positive. Since we have gained conscience, we were left to our own hard work and fate. One could well imagine the frustration of each one of us in such circumstance.

In History our state was a major center of learning. Ancient universities of Nalanda and Vikramshila belongs to land of Bihar

Bihar saw a revival of its education system during the latter part of the British rule when many institutions such as Patna University, Bihar College of Engineering, and Science College etc were started. Post-independence, it maintained the reputation and progress only for a decade and so. Later on Bihar could not retain its reputation or progress. Most of us born in the era where it’s all about moving out of state at the earliest, competitive examination, Career out of state has been only way out.

Bihari students have talent but are unable to perform well within the available Government schools and colleges in the state for obvious regions. There are structural issues, there are issues resulted from hopelessness and bad work culture resulting out of poor oversite.
I must add, only those students are prospering whose parents have money or can afford to go out of Sate. There is large pool of talent that remains underutilized in absence of resource needed to do well in career & life.

One should take a note of the fact that it's not the students of Bihar but the education system of Bihar which is not delivering and is unable to nurture the available potential.

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